Co-design from Mongolian National Federation of the Blind

Co-design from Mongolian National Federation of the Blind

Co-design of the brand MONGOLIAN CIRCLES began in 2016 with a textildesigner from Blindes Arbejde met with the craftsmen in the National Federation of the Blind in Mongolia. Textiledesigner Dorthe Merete Lykke Jensen went to Mongolia for almost 4 weeks to educate and develop the design together with the blind craftsmen.

The project was founded in co-operation with the Danish Blind Organization.

MONGOLIAN CIRCLES got is name because the circle symbol is often used in Mongolian daily life. The normads tents are in shape of circle and many parterns have the circle shape. The felt production has been an acient way of using the wool from the animals that the normades kept in their household. Wool from sheep, Camels, Yak Ox are normal in Mongolia.

The co-design project startet because Blindes Arbejde had been working with that method in their weaving workshop. A method that we the blind and partial sighted craftsmen the oppotunity to combine their skills and creativity in a new way. By making the partnership with Mongolian National Federation of the Blind we are helping creating jobs both in Mongolia and in Denmark. The partnership is part of our sustainability program with UN Sustainable Development GOALS (SDG) – both number 8, 12 and 17.

The colours of the wool are natural and some are simply their ‘born’ colour.

Now we have the beautiful teapot hut and other products in our shops.

We hope as many as possible will help us fulfill the GOALS.

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